Where Art Meets Skateboarding

I am attracted to everything that is fictitious, virtual and needs visual understanding, especially comics.Roy Lichtenstein really effected me.I have some free space in my mind to keep all the characteristic bold colors and thick outlines.Sometimes when I read comics, I try to see everything through the eyes of superheroes.
Painter and creator are different things for me.When I take a brush,I start to express myself.While remembering the look of something and drawing it to awake a nearly complete feeling of looking at a real thing, I use colors.This is my actual stimulus.I associate everything with certain colors, for example Tuesday is troublesome yellow, "Ana" is cream-colored and that is the reason why I love my name.

I love interaction of art and less refined but vulnerable street spirit.I always had unusual thirst of motion and everything on wheels.To tell the truth skateboarding is not my strength but reminds me middle- and high-school days when I was dreaming to be a cool skateboarder.

My true personality colors are: red,yellow,blue and green.I hate one-tone dressing and head-to-toe vomiting mix. It's a sin! Green is not my favorite, but matching it with purple is love!

I was always creatively inclined to study architecture.It was associated with “less is more”, Bauhaus, Chicago School, Soviet avant-garde, futurism.After graduation I started working at Tbilisi City Hall and now I subconsciously connect this to : Shartava str., Apartement Heart of Sololaki, City development, Concrete! Concrete! Concrete! This is terrible...

Process of reading is to create something in your mind. I make my own movie, carefully selecting roles, locations and constructing sets.Best part of it is thinking about the covers as interpretations of the reading experience.I opened a small company "Oliver objects" with my friend Marita, which makes layouts to cover a variety of styles to suit different creative fields but more often we collaborate with publishers.

I love being alone at home. Interaction with my dog and communicate in a loud voice with myself.It gives me handful benefits and a chance to recharge.