"The Body"

Nina Carterand Jilly Johnson were not only top models in the seventies but were also the successful girl band 'Blonde On Blonde'.
"Actually something of a masterpiece – a guitar-driven high speed disco number that is full of energy and zap."
Blonde on Blonde took their name for its saucy connotations rather than after the Bob Dylan album. If they had broken the UK pop charts things might have been very different. Their sexy and slightly sapphic image was certainly not out of place in 1978—the same year a very young Sarah Brightman had a hitwith risqué dance group Hot Gossip—indeed both groups appeared in The Golden Lady. Perhaps a different song with a more Moroderesque beat would have helped—who knows?But this is what we all missed…

Blonde on Blonde was a short-lived pop band that made little headway in the UK but was a big hit in Japan. “We have Japanese men coming up to is and begging us to let them be our slaves!” Nina toldthe Evening Times in 1978. Nina and Jilly were serious about their pop career but as Nina explainedat the time:

Unfortunately we are having difficulty persuading the music business in this country to do the same. People tend to dismiss us a gimmick.

After some success, particularly in Japan, they disbanded in the 1980s. Their most successful single was a cover version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love".

t’s certainly got “zap” and Nina and Jilly can kinda sing—but I’m not quite convinced it’s a masterpiece—maybe a campmasterpiece. “Whole Lotta Love” led to Blonde on Blonde having some success. They made an appearance in the movie The Golden Ladyin 1979 and a string of singles—all a bit like later hits by 1980s hit producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman—followed but alas for Nina and Jilly with diminishing returns. In the early 1980s Blonde on Blonde split-up.

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Source: Dangerous Minds