Tako Pilpani - Real Life Anime Girl

-What is your all time favorite anime to watch?
-It's really hard to tell, the artistic style is constantly changing but I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion for second time. Maybe this is my favorite.The story of Neon Genesis Evangelion primarily begins in 2000 with the "Second Impact", a global cataclysm which almost completely destroyed Antarctica and led to the deaths of half the human population of Earth. Evangelion dramatically changed the design of giant robots in animated works. Previously, mecha or giant robot shows took their "mechanical suit" designs from Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinger, and other similar shows from the 70s and 80s. Evangelion changed this with its fast and sleek Evas, making a noticeable contrast to the comparatively bulky and cumbersome looking Patlabors and Mobile Suits of the past. Indeed, the style set and created by Evangelion has become more common since its release, yet series like The King of Braves GaoGaiGar have continued to use the classic "mecha" style.

-What is your favorite anime OST?
Full theme soundtrack of Howl's moving castle, opening song of Ergo Proxy and Cowboy Bebop, instrumental track of Death Parade.

-Which anime has most beautiful visuals?
-All of studio Ghibli anime feature films.

-Impact of anime on your style
-My style is totally anime-influenced since I was sixteen.

-What is attractive for you in Japanese culture?
-Their incredible sense of style in everyday casual fashion.

-What are the main differences between cartoons and anime?
-Both of them are illustrated visual art, but facial expressions,topics,terms,length and origin are different.